Sunday 6/11/17

We are getting ready to start another week. We’ll have two bucket trucks, five service trucks and 10 electricians on the road in the morning doing

  • Lighting repairs and improvements at FedEx Ground in Memphis
  • Just finishing up lighting repairs at FedEx Smart Post in Southaven
  • We have 4 men doing monthly lighting maintenance for 150 or so sites in Memphis and Desoto county
  • We picked up an Air Curtain wiring project for our friends at Nuvasive
  • Olymbec, our property management company has us busy making improvements in the Bellbrook Industrial Park
  • Thanx to our friends at CBRE, Inc, Commercial Advisor’s Asset Services and the Keith Collins Company for keeping us busy too.
  • We are installing a common area electrical service for the neighborhood association at Fleming Gardens in Collierville.

Have a good week!

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