Good Sunday Morning!

Good morning!

We’re taking a little break to recover from that 4 day Holiday on the 4th and get ready for the challenges ahead. As usual of late, we’ve been blessed with work. This week we’ll be working on a remodel for Alexander Construction, new air curtains for Nuvasive Inc., getting ready to wire a cooling trailer and  install the  back ordered landscape lights at Founder’s Point.

We have some opportunities coming up for LED lighting upgrades, a small room remodeling job, a conveyor / scanner installation and fiber optic power installations.

Being a member of TVA’s Preferred Provider Network, we can survey your inside lighting system, make recommendations for improvements and complete an application to TVA for incentive funds from TVA to complete the project. Low interest loans are available tailored to the financials of the project. Estimates are still free.

We’re working on developing a small, affordable control unit for installation on phase loss sensitive electrical equipment for our industrial customers such as large HVAC units, compressors and any 3 phase equipment. We also see it as convenient for maintenance techs to quickly determine if the problem is an MLGW issue.

We are a Generac Power Systems dealer. The units we provide are commercial / industrial units up to 100 KW, fueled by natural gas or diesel. Let us know if we can help you!

Have a great week!


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