September 2017

IMG_1008Good morning and Happy Labor Day weekend. This is traditionally the end of Summer and the start of Fall. G&S has had a terrific Summer and the work is rolling right along into Fall.

Right now, we are wrapping up a conveyor project at FedEx, starting a project to install new LED lighting at all 7 entrances to the Walnut Grove Forrest Hill neighborhood, installing new LED ground flood fixtures for Commercial Advisors and CBRE as an improvement to the lighting when the existing fixtures are damaged, replacing wallpack lighting with LED flood light  at 4105 Hickory Hill, installing a new common area electrical service in the Chapel Hill neighborhood and getting ready to clean the switchgear at FedEx Ground.

We have put on 3 new helpers lately. Lorn, our bucket truck operator, took a new job with another electrical contractor. Nick, one of our helpers, took another job as an HVAC serviceman.

We sponsor the Smokin Barrels BBQ team. Jack Crum and his team are entering a couple of contests this fall. We’ll keep you posted.

We hope all of you enjoy the weekend and the, hopefully, cool and dry weather headed our way.

That’s it for now.

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