End of the Summer


The Labor Day holiday and the Cooper Young Festival have come and gone for 2017. Now we are looking forward to the fall, Thanksgiving, cooler weather, Holiday lighting, the time change and other fall events.

We will start getting calls about outside lighting as the sun sets earlier and we move back to standard time. We’ve started to recommend setting your site lighting time clocks 30 minutes faster than standard time. Doing so will keep you from having to reset them at the time changes each year. Most electronic clocks have a built in daylight savings time feature that automatically allows for the time change but the old manual clocks have to be adjusted depending on the degree of accuracy you are looking for.

While we are talking lighting, don’t forget that we are a member of the Preferred Provider Network for TVA and process all of the applications and paperwork required to receive cash incentives from TVA for upgrading your interior lighting system. Give us a call and let us survey your lighting system. We will recommend possible changes to both save you money on energy and improve the quality of your inside lighting system. We can do the same for your outside lighting but,unfortunately, TVA has ceased to offer cash incentives for exterior improvements unless you are adding new exterior lighting. Still, new LED outside lighting is attractive, energy saving and of greater quality that most existing systems.

One thing we always encourage is for the Property Managers to have the heating checked in all of their fire pump and fire protection riser rooms. I can’t tell you how many calls we seem to get the day before a big freeze is expected about defective heaters.

Have a great week and call if you need us!!


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