January 5, 2020

Good morning!

First let me say that 2019 was a banner year for G&S Electrical Services. We were certainly challenged by manpower issues, vehicle problems and rain. Business in the area is booming and our daily packed schedule is proof.

Lighting maintenance represents almost a third of our sales. Monthly site visits for inspection and repair keep 3 vehicles and 5 men busy. We are seeing more and more use of LED flood lighting for commercial exteriors now. We are recommending retrofit or replacement of your HID site lighting with efficient LED products at your first opportunity! Lighting levels and quality will improve and you will generally see a 60% reduction in energy. I guess you could say we are working ourselves out of a maintenance contract with that approach but we would rather be the first to recommend an LED solution and install it for you. For those of you having already made the LED switch, we also repair LED fixtures when that need arises and work with the fixture supplier on any warranty issues.

We are now offering infrared scanning of your electrical systems to spot small electrical problems before they become BIG problems. Our service is extremely affordable with written reports and photos.

Please keep us in mind for new electrical work you may need. Our Journeyman electricians, IEC Trained, are adept at all forms of electrical work. Unfortunately, we don’t do residential work.

Thank you again for your business!!

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