Meet the Owners – Steve

Semi retired, life long electrician and electrical contractor, care giver for my wife, father of two daughters, grandfather of one, great grandfather of two, 12 year Navy veteran, home owner in Olive Branch MS and a 1970 el Camino owner. I like golf, fishing, target shooting and NASCAR racing. I’m a meat eater. I like to cook and create. Grilling a steak out with an adult beverage in hand on a sunny Saturday afternoon while listening to a race is the ultimate. My politics run toward the conservative side but I did vote for Jimmy Carter back in the day. (Everyone should be allowed one dumb ass decision.) I’ve reached a point in life where most of the important decisions, I’ve discovered, do not require immediate action.

I’ve adopted a few sayings as guidance based on experiences along this wonderful journey:

  1. Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Either way, Make A Decision!
  2. You can’t fix stupid!
  3. Work only 1/2 a day. The first half or the second.
  4. Your lack of planning skills does not necessarily constitute an emergency on my part
  5. You only have one true love in life. Cherish her.
  6. Your parents were not always necessarily wise or right, so basing your life on their decisions often times just perpetuates bad planning.
  7. If it looks and smells like shit, there is no need to stick your finger in it as a final test.
  8. The week ends at noon on Friday.
  9. If you never count on anyone else for support, you won’t be disappointed in what they do.
  10. Take care of yourself and your family first.
  11. Politicians and used car salesmen are inter-changeable .
  12. NEVER forget that the American Indians fell for the story that being disarmed was in THEIR best interest.

Have a great week!

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