November 2020

Good morning. This has been an unusual year to say the least. G&S has been moving right along with LED installations, work on fiber optic power installations, electrical service work and lighting maintenance. It looks to be a banner year for us business wise.

This pandemic has not affected us in a big way, only incrementally as it relates to our customers and their changing business rules.

We hope you had a good thanksgiving and look to have a great Christmas.

Call Bob at 901-351-5329 or Robbie at 662-812-7023 if there is anything we can do for you

Thanx again for all of your support!

2 thoughts on “November 2020

  1. Hello, my name is Kurt Powdar. I am from the Memphis IEC Apprenticeship Program and I am contacting you today to confirm that my application was sent to your company this past month. I am hoping that you would look into it for I have successfully passed all tests needed.

    My cell is (404) 670-4759.

    Thank you!


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