March 2021

The Duke in Orange County CA

Good afternoon!! We hope all of you are doing well. G&S is starting the year as we wound up 2020, absolutely busy.

I’ve had a lot of questions about exactly what we do for a living. We are above all, a full service electrical contractor. Having said that, we do not do residential work nor do we do new construction, commercial or residential. We serve commercial and industrial clients in the Shelby County Tennessee and Desoto County Mississippi areas. Our work is primarily repair work and small electrical additions such as machine wiring or new circuits. Approximately a 1/3 of our business involves lighting repair, both interior and exterior. We service parking lots, office parks, private street light systems and security lighting. We do not do sign work, although we did give that a shot a few years ago and found it not to be a niche for us.

In the past few years we have become more involved in LED lighting rather it be new lighting or repairs. We have done a ton of HID to LED conversions for our commercial customers. Get the same, or better, lighting levels at generally 1/2 the operating cost.

Please call Bob at 901-351-5329 or Robbie Gipson at 662-812-7023 for pricing.

Kim Gipson recently joined our management group as office administrator. Kim handles all of that interesting stuff like licensing, payroll, insurance, government compliance, etc. She has turned out to be a valuable individual and a most welcome addition. And, as you may have guessed, yes, Robbie is her husband. By the way, Robbie is now the Vice President of G&S Electrical Services and provides much needed support for Bob and me.

So thanx again for all of your support!!

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