November 2021

Good afternoon. Hope your day has been going well. We here at G&S are enjoying the change in the weather and getting the clocks back to where they are supposed to be.

Our business is doing well. We currently have a small backlog. Just enough to be comfortable with going into the Holidays. As usual, we will close Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after. Please e mail with questions or problems. We will be open on the following Monday.

To celebrate Christmas, we will close 12/24 and reopen 12/27. For the New Year Holiday, we will close the afternoon of 12/30 and reopen on 1/3. If you need us please call, e mail or text.

This has been an interesting year for us. We’ve had a few challenges with the Covid protocols but at least no one in the company has caught the flu. We had a couple of positive tests but nothing more serious. We are experiencing wild swings in some material prices and delayed availability on other materials. (I tell everybody that I lived thru the 70’s gas lines and the inflation of the 80’s. It’s aggravating but not anything that can’t be overcome with hard work and dedication.)

Please enjoy your Holidays and be safe if you are traveling.

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