Happy Easter

Good morning! Hope everyone is enjoying this Easter Sunday 2023. G&S is still doing well. We have a 2 week backlog right now but are still looking for projects to deliver this spring.

With all of the focus being placed on electric vehicles, we’re hoping to involve G&S in setting up the infrastructure for charging cars and trucks. Call Bob at 901-351-5329 if we can help.

That wonderful warm Memphis weather will be on top of us before we know it. You may want to make sure that roof top unit starts up before you actually need it.

We continue to renovate and improve site lighting systems and warehouse interior lighting systems with LED products that are much more efficient and unusually affordable. Let us see what we can do for you. Robbie is at 662-812-7023 with answers for your questions.

All of you be safe and enjoy this spring weather.

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