Happy Easter

Good morning! Hope everyone is enjoying this Easter Sunday 2023. G&S is still doing well. We have a 2 week backlog right now but are still looking for projects to deliver this spring. With all of the focus being placed on electric vehicles, we’re hoping to involve G&S in setting up the infrastructure for charging… Read More

August 11, 2022

Good afternoon. Thanks for tuning in to G&S Electrical Services. We are here to repair your electrical system & save you money on lighting energy. We are currently replacing outdated outside lighting with energy efficient, high performance LED light fixtures. These fixtures are efficient, affordable and guaranteed. Call Robbie or Bob at 901-351-5329 for a… Read More

November 2021

Good afternoon. Hope your day has been going well. We here at G&S are enjoying the change in the weather and getting the clocks back to where they are supposed to be. Our business is doing well. We currently have a small backlog. Just enough to be comfortable with going into the Holidays. As usual,… Read More

March 2021

Good afternoon!! We hope all of you are doing well. G&S is starting the year as we wound up 2020, absolutely busy. I’ve had a lot of questions about exactly what we do for a living. We are above all, a full service electrical contractor. Having said that, we do not do residential work nor… Read More

November 2020

Good morning. This has been an unusual year to say the least. G&S has been moving right along with LED installations, work on fiber optic power installations, electrical service work and lighting maintenance. It looks to be a banner year for us business wise. This pandemic has not affected us in a big way, only… Read More

January 5, 2020

Good morning! First let me say that 2019 was a banner year for G&S Electrical Services. We were certainly challenged by manpower issues, vehicle problems and rain. Business in the area is booming and our daily packed schedule is proof. Lighting maintenance represents almost a third of our sales. Monthly site visits for inspection and… Read More

July 2019

Good afternoon! I hope your days are going well. G&S continues to keep a full schedule thanks again to you wonderful customers. Our lighting maintenance program is strong and keeps presenting opportunities for LED conversion. The telephone keeps ringing and keeping Bob hoppingĀ  to keep everyone where they need to be, when they need to… Read More